December 2021

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Bill Twitchett

This is a tribute to my late friend, Bill Twitchett, an Australian town planner and architect who spent most of his life working in France, promoting “convivial regions.”

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Pepe & Amalia Palacio and Enrique Angelelli: Synodality in action

Plenary Reflections

“Apostolate of the laity” vs “apostolate of the faithful”

Lay ministry and lay apostolate according to Pope Benedict

Lay apostolate and lay ministry according to Pope Francis

Lay apostolate in other countries

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November 2021


Joseph Cardijn, Georges Guérin et le réseau jociste à Vatican II

Cardijn Research

Young domestic workers at Vatican II

Cardijn @ Vatican 2

Cardijn had a busy month in November with the International Council of the YCW in Rio de Janeiro.

It was an important event for the International YCW, which adopted a new vision and mission kind of document called “The Apostolic Nature of the YCW.” However it also provided the opportunity for a highly significant gathering of Jocist bishops, mainly from Latin America, who would become major players at Vatican II.

Read the blog posts for November 1961 here:

Plenary Reflections

Towards a reception of the Vatican II conception of lay apostolate

Lay apostolate vs ministry in Ad Gentes

October 2021

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Plenary Reflections

What model for an Australian Catholic Council for the Lay Apostolate?

Cardijn Research

Cardijn and the First World Congress on Lay Apostolate 1951: This was a major triumph for Cardijn setting the scene for the Vatican II vision of lay apostolate as well as anticipating Gaudium et Spes’ adoption of the see-judge-act.

New website

The Cardijn Movements in the Media: A compilation of articles and news items mostly found on the National Library of Australia’s Trove website.

The Young Catholic Workmen: Dating from 1930, this is possibly the early reference to the JOC in an Australian publication.

Joseph Cardijn Digital Library

Lima, Tito de Alencar: A tragic story

Georges Béjot, The Review of Life: The story of the origin of the Review of Life

See Judge Act

1937: Paul McGuire: JOC and the Training of Militants