This site is an ongoing compilation of my work over the years. As will quickly become obvious, my main fields of research and writing interest are Cardijn, the JOC (YCW), Marc Sangnier’s Sillon movement and other related issues.

Links at the top are my key projects, including

  • My book “The Leaven in the Council,” the story of Cardijn and the Jocist network of bishops, priests and lay leaders at Vatican II,
  • My Cardijn @ Vatican II blog, which follows Cardijn’s work at the Council day by day beginning with the election of John XXIII and the establishment of the Preparatory Commission on Lay Apostolate
  • The Joseph Cardijn Digital Library, an online repository of Cardijn’s writings and related biographical and other material

Under the heading “Research” menu, I am sharing a series of more developed articles, some of which have appeared in academic journals.

The “Press” section contains a compilation of articles that have appeared mainly in Catholic magazines.

Finally, I include a list of websites on various personalities.

Hopefully these resources may prove useful to other readers, writers and researchers interested in these fields.

Thanks for your attention!

Stefan Gigacz