July 2021

Welcome to my new WordPress website after earlier versions as Blogger and Google Sites.

I’ll update this front page regularly with the latest posts and items I’m working on, not just on this site but on my other sites, including my own sites and others I manage or contribute to.

Here are a few to begin with.

Cardijn Research

Cardijn and Pax Romana: 1921 – 2021

Cardijn @ Vatican II

Cardijn’s back in Rome in July 1961 with more requests for Vatican officials and a significant intervention on the plight of young domestic workers (See photo above).

The plight of young domestic workers

In Rome again

Requests to Cardinal Dell’Acqua

Reflections on the Australian Plenary Council

A few more posts looking at the history of various concepts such as “lay apostolate”, “ministry,” “lay ministry”, etc.

Representation of lay groups at Vatican II vs the Australian Plenary Council

Why aren’t lay and other ecclesial groups and communities represented?

Ministry vs Apostolate: Where the confusion comes from

Lay apostolate in various languages

Ministry in the Vatican II documents

The rise and fall of the “lay apostolate”

Lay apostolate vs ministry in the Vatican II documents